Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day UGH and UGH AGAIN. Day 3-10

It's getting far more difficult.
To keep the boys brains away from violence.

When I say "violence," let me be clear that I am not talking about domestic or child abuse. Nor thankfully, anything traumatic within my sons lives. You see, I'm trying to "soften" them.

"Pretty dumb to think you can soften boys?"
Yes, I've heard a few fellow "Moms" mention my motives, in that lovely manner.

I'm not trying to soften them for weakness. I'm trying to soften them to increase their strengths.
In the same regard that you enroll your child into Karate, not to become a better fighter, but to soften that urge to fight, and to teach control. I'm pretty sure Karate means, "empty handed fighting."

Speaking of karate, we've enrolled our oldest in Dojo around here.
It is a way to help "soften" his busy boyhood love of dark video games and TV cartoon shows. It is also giving him an outlet, to learn control, obtain confidence, and realize that the best tactics of "violence," are no tactics, just stance. No fights. No fists. Just confidence and the ability to show people that you can control your "urges" or emotions.

So, we've said "No to violence," and "Yes" to Karate. Confusing?
We're teaching our very black and white oldest, that there is in fact a pretty cool gray area in life. We're saying, "we think you spend too much time watching fights, playing fights, and so forth," but "we want you to learn a form of fighting." As that's how most kids see Karate, before becoming a little dragon.
He needed the confidence boost, and it's amazing how well it's working.

So why that first sentence, "it's getting far more difficult?"

Because the outside world, the ones that enjoy teaching, the "Moms" of other little children, seem to make it far more difficult for me, and not just because they "don't get" what the big deal is, and why we have said "no to violence," for the summer.

Who would have thought that at this point, the most challenging of all, would be the other Moms.

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