Monday, June 27, 2011


It's 7:30 am. All the boys are awake and ready to run this morning.

With Day one being a success, I feared the wrath of what might be Day 2.
Will they run through the house twitching in withdrawals?

I just held my breathe and prayed that Day 2 unfolds in a healthy way.

Ironically, it did.

Day 2 found my sons outside, along with all their stuffed animals, aka Cuddles, on a blanket.
Soon enough, as our house seems to be the yard and house kids gravitate to, the other neighborhood kids were up and ready to drive their own mom's crazy.

Soon enough we had a zoo of stuffed fur in our yard. I've never seen so many more boys in my life, with stuffed animals. I considered taking a picture of it, but feared it would ignite a thought such as:  "You're a boy!!!!!!!!!! You're playing with stuffed animals. That's cheesefest 101!"

These kids played outside all day, with their stuffed animals. It was remarkable to see.
They even went so far as to play a "hide and go seek" game with their stuffed animals.

They go from playing "War and hide and kill...."

one day.....
...and the next.......

They're outside playing with their stuffed animals, with the rest of the neighborhood crew......
Hiding them in trees. Like resurrecting the Easter Eggs.

Goes to show you, that kids just love to play.
No matter what it is.

Let's hope tomorrow will be as good as today was.

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